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Are you a blogger, freelancer, writer, author, or a student? Did you ever use any online Grammar tool for making your English better? You may suffer some problems while using such tools, I bet.

Did you ever use Grammarly? NO? Then may this post is going to help you out. After reading this article, you will be compelled to use Grammarly with Discounted Price.

Grammarly is a tool for enhancing your Vocabulary and improving your English as well. I must say that this tool is fulfilling your basic needs in the perspective of writing.

Now, the question is how you can use Grammarly? Where to use? And, where to install this tool for using in a better way? I know your mind is flooded with such questions.

Let me clear your mind by answering your questions. Though this post is about revealing Grammarly Discount for premium users but before going in-depth I would like to discuss its value so that you may think about it that you should purchase its subscriptions or not.

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    Availability: Grammarly is available in free and premium versions as well. So, it's evident that there is a huge difference in the context of features in both free and premium versions.

    It is available in Chrome Extension and mobile app which is totally free of cost. The installation cost is nothing, but it may charge heavy if you buy its version to activate its premium features.

    Let me tell you about free and premium features of Grammarly n detail so that you may think that which version you want to use as per the need.
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    Plagiarism Checker: Grammarly has an in-built plagiarism checker that helps writers to write fresh and unique content. It can check almost all web-pages but you have to upgrade it to the premium version. 
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    Spell Checker: Grammarly has an inbuilt spell checker which scan your content while you are writing. It can detect all mistakes within few seconds and show you some examples of right spelling.
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    Sentence Structure: Grammarly checks the whether your copy of content has right sentence structure or not.

Grammarly Features


Grammarly Free (Part 1)

As Grammarly is available in the free version, so the features are limited. Here is a short overview of its free limited features.

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    Grammarly allows you to make correction of Punctuation marks which is the worst problem with our writings if we are totally newbie to this field.
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    It just checks the standard Grammar of your content as per their pre-defined rules.
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    Contextual Spelling: It checks the spelling mistakes of every wrong word or which is not defined in the English dictionary.

Grammarly Free (Part 2)

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    Style: It also checks the style of your writing and makes changes as possible.
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    Sentence Structure: Grammarly checks the whether your copy of content has right sentence structure or not.
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    You can get a grammarly discount offer by a email every month.

That's it from the free version features. As I told you earlier, it has limited features which you may explore it by installing its Chrome Extension.


Grammarly Premium (Part 1)

Grammarly premium version unlocks all its features for those who bought it for personal and professional use. Here are the following features;

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    Plagiarism Checker: You will get the benefit of using Plagiarism where unoriginal text appears below with sources that where you have taken this piece of content.
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    Grammarly is also providing keyboard apps for Android and iOS users. You can download them from the official stores.
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    It allows Automatic correction of your copy of the content with an auto-correction feature.
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    You can get the benefit of using more than 30 document types advanced Grammar correction.

Grammarly Premium (Part 2)

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    They refund your money within 7 days after buying if you will not satisfied with its service. You can get supports of Grammarly Team 24/7.
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    The most appropriate closed correction of your mistakes.

These are impressive features of its premium version.  One good news is that you can get the best Grammarly Discount on this page. 

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What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly Discount

Grammarly is an Online Grammar Checker Tool for correcting Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Contextual sentences, and style mistakes in your copy of contents. In this way, your English will improve day by day.

The more you will write - The more you will enjoy. Upgrade to Grammarly Premium now.

How To Activate Grammarly Discount?

Grammarly Discount

Grammarly Discount

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